3 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

It might surprise you to learn that, while most people are familiar with the relaxing benefits of massage therapy, many are unaware of the ways it can improve the overall health of an individual. Those who receive regular massage therapy can attest to the positive effects it has on their physical and mental health, and the benefits they enjoy are often what encourages them to continue their therapy. The following are some of the most notable health benefits that massage therapy offers.

Improve Posture and Ease Muscle Pain

Many working Americans have careers that demand they sit at a desk for long periods of time. While sitting for most of the day certainly doesn’t sound like the worst thing you could do to your body, it can          actually damage your posture and lead to significant muscle pain. Massage therapists counteract the negative effects of sedentary employment by paying special attention to shoulders, neck, and lower back. This not only reduces pain, but it also removes tension to enable better posture.

Soothe Anxiety and Depression

People who suffer from anxiety and depression often experience physical pain as a result of the stress that the condition puts on the body. In the right setting, massage therapy can be substantially therapeutic and relaxing, so it provides sufferers of anxiety and depression with regular, consistent periods of time when both their mind and their body are put at ease.

Strengthen the Immune System

Studies conducted over the last several years shown that massage therapy can help to boost a person’s white blood cell count. Since white blood cells are the body’s primary defense against everything from minor colds to serious diseases, increasing the number of cells with massage therapy ensures that a patient has the best chances of protecting his or her health.

While these are some of the most commonly enjoyed health benefits of massage therapy, there are countless other ways in which your body and mind can benefit from receiving a regular massage. If you’re ready to boost your health in a relaxing and soothing environment, book an appointment at your local LaVida Massage franchise today!