Debunking The Top 3 Massage Therapy Myths

We all have heard and known for a while that massages can do wonders for our skin and body. With its rising popularity, the misconceptions about massages also increased. But what is it that you can believe? Here are 3 massage therapy myths busted!


All Massages Are Same

This is one statement that is certainly very wrong! Different massages have different roles that they play for our body and skin. For example, Spa focuses on releasing tension and helps in loosening the muscles whereas sports massages help the players, joggers or runners to be in proper shape and also keeps their joints in place.


Never Interrupt a Therapist, Even If It Hurts

This again is not true at all. It is very important for us to understand that if we are hurt, it is our body’s way of saying, either defend or stop. So, it is very important for us to let them know that it is wrong and they need to stop. The therapist won’t feel bad if you respond, everyone’s mechanism and tolerance of pain are different.


It Removes Cellulite

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. If you have cellulite your best option is diet and exercise- not a massage. Also, it is more connected to hereditary connection and your food habits. It doesn’t have any medical issues, and one doesn’t have to get worried because they possess some more than others. Although working out properly and also having proper massages can help hiding the appearance of the excess cellulite!


These three points clearly show that there are some statements that are never to be believed no matter how many times people tell us the same. Massages are meant to relax and relieve your body from stress and certain kind physical pain that might hurt you on a longer run.


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